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About Me

Born and educated in Poland, Polish mother tongue, Magdalena Stanek holds an M.A. in translation from Westminster University, London, UK. Her M.A. thesis was on "Childhood onset schizophrenia - clinical and treatment issues". She also has B.A. Honours degree in English Philology from Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań, Poland.

She spent four years in England, including one year working as a project manager in a translation company in England, where she dealt with a variety of projects including an important clinical trial which she project-managed. Her experience has broadened her organizational and time-management skills and deepened her understanding of international business. She also spent 2 years in Barcelona where she worked as freelance translator. Broadening her knowledge of Spanish language and culture. Currently, she resides in Poland.

Magdalena is fascinated by the challenges of translation and particularly over the past few years has developed a keen understanding of business sectors as varied as clinical research to interactive cartoons( Naturally she has an excellent command of Polish, English and Spanish as well as thouruough understanding of culture essential in translating UK and Spanish business texts. Attention to detail, a natural curiosity, and an open mind makes it easy for her to adapt to the style and register of the document to be translated.

Moreover, she is Associate member of the Institute of Translators and Interpreters, London. She is familiar with Translation Memory tools such as Trados and Déja Vu which ensures consistency of terminology. She works with the use of Accros which is a TM compatible with the two mentioned above.The software memorizes all the sentences/words, which are translated and after, it extracts them from the memory to give a proposed translation of previously translated sentence/word.